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When I started to have difficulty hearing, I was crestfallen.  Hearing is so important in my life as a Jazz pianist and vocalist.  I visited several doctors and audiologists until I found Monica.  Her testing was thorough and unrushed.  Her manner was warm and reassuring and she found exactly the right combination to give me the “perfect” fit.

—Teri Kopp, Hilton Head’s First Lady of Jazz


I am very, very pleased with the attention Monica has given to me as well as the quality of the hearing aid she prescribed for me.  I was missing out on conversations at dinner parties and a friend recommended Monica.  She took good care of me and now I can be part of the party.

—Doris Incas, Lady’s Island, SC


My recent purchase of a pair of Phonak hearing aids as been a very pleasant and rewarding experience.

I have been using hearing aids for over 20 years and these are at least my fifth pair. Where no hearing aid is going to restore my hearing completely these are doing the best of any I have ever owned. I have been amazed at the improvements in hearing aids in the last few years.

The directional mics have greatly improved my ability to hear in noisy  situations such as restaurants and the ability to program them much more precisely to my individual hearing loss has made them much more effective under all conditions.. This is my first open ear hearing aid  and I love the comfort. I don’t even know they are there and the small size make them almost invisible.

Before I made this purchase I did a fair amount of research  on brands, features and price.  I feel I have purchased a quality device at a reasonable price and your service and support has been first class.

Keep up the good work.

—Phil Young, Lady’s Island, SC


Monica has been patiently and tirelessly working with me and my mother for nearly two years. She has gone above and beyond the services I ever expected for an audiologist to provide. Being a hearing aid wearer herself, she understands that we do not have cookie cutter hearing losses. I cannot thank Monica enough for all she has done for me to help get the very best hearing care possible.

—Susan Scully, Walterboro, SC


I have been wearing hearing aids for seven years and I have had the best results from Beaufort Audiology and I have been very pleased with my progress.  Also, Monica has become my friend.  I love her very much.  I would certainly recommend her to anyone who is having trouble hearing.

–Leila Stevens, Lady’s Island


Monica Wiser’s care has made my life much easier.  I can now hear the low tones (my grown sons’ voices are an example) that I was missing before I received my hearing aids.  With Monica’s knowledge and professionalism my hearing loss has been “fixed”.  I have had no issues with my devices from the very beginning.  I attribute this to Monica’s expertise and her state-of-the-art equipment that digitally programs my hearing aids to meet my specific needs.

—Mary Ann F. , Dataw Island


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